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Login to your account at the upper right to access your team’s schedule, standings, roster and team messaging tools. All Schedules are posted 3-5 days prior to the league’s start date. Schedule and locations are subject to change. Please confirm your scheduled game time 24hrs before each game. Note that the final two weeks are reserved for playoffs – All teams will play 2 playoff games regardless of record.

Please arrive 10 minutes early to your first game to review league rules and receive your required team shirt. If you plan to be absent, please ask a teammate to take your shirt (PSN is not responsible for lost shirts). Do NOT take a shirt if your name is not on the shirt roster printout at the game. Missing names indicate players that registered after the PSN Deadline and are required to submit a shirt order/late fee to receive their required league shirt by mail.

Please connect with PSN on Facebook or Twitter to receive up-to-the-minute league updates and cancellations. Due to limited rain-dates, only one week of makeup games are guaranteed for possible cancellations. Therefore, games will not be canceled unless there is severe weather or facility closures. If you do not hear from us via Social Media, games are ON as scheduled. NOTE: Makeup Games may be at alternate locations and/or days.

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Please review PSN’s League Rules and Terms of Service prior to participating. Drugs, alcohol and dogs are strictly prohibited from all facilities. Participants must have a valid ID and wear a PSN league shirt at all games.

Please visit our League Locations for maps, addresses and directions for where we play. Please check the top of your league’s schedule for important location details such as parking information and how to enter each facility.

Please check the top of your league’s schedule for important equipment requirements and restrictions. Unless otherwise noted, PSN provides all equipment necessary.

PSN provides referees for all leagues. No additional fees are required at games. Please submit our Referee Application if you are interested in joining the PSN Team!

We take forfeits VERY seriously and make every effort to play all games each week. Captains are responsible for confirming attendance with teammates each week and informing PSN via email at least 48hrs in advance of forfeiting any games. All forfeits will result in a deduction of 1 point in the league standings (the winning/losing team will receive credit/deduction equal to the point differential cap limit in the event of a tiebreaker). Failure to provide advance notice (or more than 1 forfeit w/ advance notice) may result in your team’s removal from the league and place your team at risk from securing a spot in a subsequent season.

Please visit our Standings and Schedules Page for more information on Forfeits, Tiebreakers and Playoffs. All teams will be scheduled two playoff games regardless of record. The last two weeks of the season are reserved for a 2 round playoff (top 4 teams play for 1st; seeds 5 and lower will still have scheduled games).

Players are required to wear their League Shirt to all games – NO EXCEPTIONS. ONLY registered players that have submitted a required waiver and fees are eligible to participate. All players must follow PSN’s Team Shirt Policy and bring a gov’t issued ID to every game (must be 19 or older). Replacement shirts may be purchased by submitting the Replacement Shirt Order Form and $15 shirt/delivery fee. Unauthorized players will result in player suspensions and team forfeits.

Please visit our Player Changes Page for details on how to replace another player that is currently registered for a PSN League.

Please visit our Player Substitutions Page Form for details on how to register as a sub for 1 regular season game.

Each league has at least 1 Sponsor Bar! Check out PSN’s League Sponsor Bars for details on Kick-Off Week, Weekly, Rainy Day, and League Winner Specials!